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Brass Edition

Bringing pieces of brass into a room gives a beautiful updated look together with other materials common in one’s home like wood, fabrics and painted walls. The metal reflects light and warmth through its surface and color tone. Read about our collection and buy below.

B R A S S  T R A Y

Unique and exclusive tray made of brass. By handling the tray, the brass will develop a beautiful patina.
Available from 1st of May!

W 460 x H 365 x D 15 MM

C A N D L E  N O O K

Graphic shaped brass piece with multiple functionality. Usable both as bookend, candle nook or to highlight any small object. When used for candles, the brass reflects the candle flame and creates a warm and pleasant lighting.

W 150 x H 215 x D 150 MM

B R A S S  F R A M E

Brass frame with brass nuts.
Suitable for A3 formats.

W 320 x H 450 x D 15 MM

43 USD
129 USD
35 USD