DRY Studios design and produce interior objects, furniture and graphic prints.
Some products are developed in collaboration with artists that has a complementary approach
to materials and design. The ambition is to produce locally and to use sustainable processes. Timeless pieces created with soul and passion. Things that tell a story and lasts over the years.

You should feel safe and confident buying goods from us therefore we don’t reduce prices or have regular sales. Our prices are fixed and are in line with the quality and craftmanchip you get in goods designed and handmade in Sweden.



D R Y  C R E A T I V E  P R O J E C T S

Interested in our work as a creative agency?

DRY Creative projects focus on creative direction, art direction and design. We have a thorough experience of creating strong, successful concepts and design within fashion and lifestyle. Our work results in creative concepts, products, graphic identities, graphic design and packaging.

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